Lorikeet Bird Children's Kite


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  • Bird shaped single string kids kite
  • Looks beautiful in the sky with life like ‘flapping’ motion
  • Winds: Light to Medium
  • Size: 1.5m wingspan
  • Ages: 4 years and up

The Bird kite is especially designed for medium winds, it looks very beautiful in the sky with it’s life like ‘flapping’ action of it’s wings. (we didn’t design it this way, it was just a fluke!)

Kids really love watching the Bird fly because of it’s realistic flying action. It’s great to see them watching ‘their’ bird flying high above the park or beach. The Lorikeet comes with 30 lb flying line on a easy to hold winder. Sso everything you need is in the bag (ah, except wind… you need to bring your own wind.)

Although it has quite a small surface area, it’s light frame (3mm fibreglass) gives it a great ‘sail to weight ratio’ which means it will fly nicely in light winds as well. Made with ripstop nylon sailcloth and super strong fiberglass, the Bird kite will give you years of beautiful flying. See it flying here.


Kite Type:

This Lorikeet is what we put in the ‘others’ category, it’s not a delta, it’s not a diamond nor is it a dragon. As a Single String kite it’s very well suited to kids of most ages in light and medium winds and it’s wide tail ‘feathers’ gives the Bird kite good stability in the sky.

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