Sunprint Super | Large Solar Art Kit for Nature Kids


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With Sunprint paper children can make photographic type prints using sun and water!

Invented by the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California (Berkeley), Sunprint paper goes through a chemical change when exposed to light.

This Super Sunprint Kit includes 15 large sheets of Sunprint paper, each 30cm by 20cm, and one reusable acrylic sheet. 

Just follow these simple steps and watch your image emerge:

  • Select your item(s), like leaves, flowers, twigs, seashells, feathers, keys, small (mostly flat) toys – get creative with anything really!  The extra space provided by the large sheets it this Super Sunprint Kit give you the flexibility to mix different items on one picture.  You can even use old black and white negatives, if you have any.
  • Assemble in this order: a piece of cardboard at the bottom, then Sunprint paper, then the item you have chosen, then the included acrylic sheet.
  • Expose to the sun until the paper turns almost white (from 1 to 5 minutes depending on the strength of the sunlight).  Do not overexpose.
  • Quickly rinse the Sunprint paper with water for about 1 minute, and dry flat.  That’s it!

Ages: 6+

The Sunprint Kit is also available in a smaller size with 10cm x 10cm sheets. Sunprint Solar Art Kit for Nature Kids

Great outdoor activity for kids! Inspires creativity!

Nature Play is so important for children!

  • Playing outdoors encourages children to observe nature and the world around them, learning about the animals and plants in their very own garden and out in their local area.
  • Being in the outdoors calms the mind, teaching children to focus and feel happiness exploring nature, playing outdoors and using their bodies.
  • Nature Play gets children out in the sun, soaking in important VD and breathing in fresh AIR!
  • This time spent outdoors allows children the space and time to stretch their bodies and core muscles, running, jumping, crawling and spinning, releasing energy and any stress they may be feeling!
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