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Celebrating Quality, ECO Friendly and Ethically made Toys and Games that inspire the Imagination!
Eco Baby Toys

Eco Baby Toys

We are proud to stock Australia's leading range of Quality, Non Toxic & Eco Friendly Baby Toys

Babies are as pure and as natural as it comes, they do not require fancy gadgets with flashing lights and loud sounds, as much as the major toy manufacturers will lead you to believe! To the contrary babies often get over stimulated by these high tech battery operated toys and this can lead to attention difficulties latter in life.

For the most part their immediate surroundings will simply fascinate them!

Mum or Dad singing a sweet tune, The wind blowing in from an open window, the feeling of the grass beneath them. These simple things engage your baby and help them to develop their cognitive and emotional skills naturally.

Simple toys can also help to entertain your baby and develop their thinking skills while providing your baby with something to engage with when indoors and your trying to get some much need domestic duties done or when out and about in the car or pram.


Babies are sensory beings, they will explore their surroundings with touch, taste and sound.

So you need to be aware of what they will putting in their mouths. Most everyday objects around your house or even cheaply made baby toys can contain toxic chemicals that when sucked on can slowly leach into your babies skin! As a mother i feel its important to reduce the amount of contact our children have with these nasty chemicals.

Here are some tips when choosing eco toys for your baby

  • Stick with organic and or natural fabrics
  • Make sure the wood is untreated and is coloured non toxic paints and oils
  • I like to choose products with as Little packaging or no packaging as possible to reduce waste
  • Its nice to have toys for baby that are educational as well as fun
  • Pick Toys with Ethically and Sustainably grown timber