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Our Beautiful Hugg a Planet is the perfect educational toy

Our Beautiful Hugg a Planet is the perfect educational toy

Every Child should own a Hugg a Planet

This stunning educational toy is a must have in any home, featuring 600 labeled continents and oceans, It can be
used as a toy, an educational tool or even a soft pillow!

The Hug a Planet Classic is a personal favourite of ours in store and at home, even our toddler adores it !!

The world can be a mysterious place for children and even as adults we can have a hard time grasping the concept of different countries and where we sit on our Earth. I find it extremely important to teach our children not only countries, states, and capitals, but also the grand idea that they are not the only people on our Earth.  I think global awareness is crucial to learn as a young child.  It makes it easier to teach them about current events (natural disasters, political turmoil, poverty, etc) fueling a passion to help others around the world

We love checking in on our Hugg a Planet while we are watching the news, getting to have a visual image of where major events are going on in our world and where that is in relation to our home country

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Measures 12" in diameter.
  • Hugg a Planet Classic's are made from 100% cotton & filled with new materials Polyester Fibre.
  • Polyester Fibre also keeps the planets light & fun.
  • Easy to wash & dry in washing machine ( cold wash )
  • Made in the USA

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