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Kinder Feet Wooden Balance Bikes!

Kinder Feet Wooden Balance Bikes!



We loved testing out our NEW Beautiful & Quality Balance Bike by Kinderfeet

Toddlers just love to get moving, balance bikes are the perfect active toy for children aged 2 to 5 years. Kinderfeets are patented, award winning balance bikes with chalkboard finish allowing kids to decorate the bikes in their own unique style!

They are NEW in Australia and in store now at Earth Toys in 5 different colours! The kinderfeet balance bikes have arrived in Cairns! Of course we were happy to take one home to test it out. Finally my 2 year old can actually fit on a balance bike. He has been desperate to try one out for so long but always been too small for all the other brands we have stocked. Now he can join the big boys on his kinderfeets balance bike. They have great height adjustable pegs and so easy to use for little toddlers. Very happy with them!!

What we love about Kinder Feets Balance Bikes - 

  • Made from sustainable birch wood from a replenish-able source
  • EVA airless biodegradable tires
  • Adjustable, cushioned washable seat
  • Foot pegs to help children position their feet properly for cruising and to prepare for pedals.
  •  Ergonomically designed seat and handlebar position to encourage good posture and maximise comfort
  •  Available in 5 different chalkboard colour finishes - chalk included.
  • Minimal packing materials made from recycled paper and water based inks
  • Recommended age 2 Years Plus

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Choose from 5 different vibrant colours -