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DIY Fairy or Gnome Door

DIY Fairy or Gnome Door

This afternoon we spent our time crafting up a cute little DIY handmade fairy door for our garden!

The Earth Toys family love a bit of fairy tale, a bit of mystery, a bit of wonder. We have a beautiful garden and felt a mini fairy door would bring a bit of the magic and fantasy into our garden for our kids. Something wonderful for our children to dream up stories while playing! We didn't like the fairy doors available and we didn't want too spend much either, So we decided to make one for ourselves and gosh did we have some fun doing it!


DIY Fairy Doors are  easy,  fun and Cheap!  What you'll need :

  • Paddle Pop Sticks
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • A wooden backboard or plywood / chipboard
  • Some sticks for your garden
  • Any embellishments like mini door knobs or latches you would like
  • Wood strips for steps from your local hardware or garden store

Step 1 

  • Assemble your paddle pop sticks together to the size of the door you want.
  • Cut the top and bottoms off your paddle pop sticks so that they are all even
  • Add 2 horizontal sticks and cut to size then add a joining stick and cut that on a angle to join

Step 2

  • Glue the top horizontal sticks to your vertical sticks and wait till dry
  • Paint the colour you choose and if you want a more rustic look you can then wipe the paint off with a rag and then get a dry brush and brush down your door with the grain, this will give your door a more wood grained rustic look.

Step 3

  • While your waiting for the paint to dry you can cut your back piece to size and find unique sticks to edge your door.
  • Lacquer or oil the sticks so they last longer if your fairy door will be outside
  • Glue the door to the back piece, glue your sticks down and add any embellishments like door knobs, latches, windows or stairs etc
  • I used wood dowel for the stairs and the top piece and thin sticks on the side pieces but you can get as creative as you like!