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The Brilliance of Building Toys

The Brilliance of Building Toys

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We love Building Toys!

Building and constructing encourages children to problem solve and understand structure, balance and weight ratios. It involves children using patience and perseverance to create what they have in their mind and put it into action with the tools they have.

5 BIG reasons to get your kids building

  • Encourages thinking and reasoning
  • Involves focus and patience
  • Helps develop problem solving skills
  • Builds confidence
  • Sparks the imagination

Our top 5 Picks for building

  • Quadrilla Marble Run

Quadrilla is the ultimate in building, combining wooden blocks and a exciting marble run, you can choose between many different sets or collect them all!

quadrilla marble run


  • Wooden Tree Blocks
Simple, beautiful and eco friendly, children use their imagination to create houses, towers, homes for their toys, its endless!

Tree Blocks

  • Tegu Wooden Magentic Building Blocks
Blocks have long been a playroom staple thanks to their inherent simplicity and developmental benefits for all ages and abilities. By creating a magnetic wooden building system the limitless possibilities of Tegu blocks serve to unlock every builder's imagination.

Tegu magnetic blocks

  • Magnetic Building Tiles!!
Explore magnetic play and construct with our triangular and square shaped magnets, they are encapsulated in durable plastic with flexibility to be able to connect to each other. The magnets are easily rotated and attracted to each other, providing opportunities to make a limitless amount of creations.

Magnetic Building

  • Natural Wooden Building Planks

This is a favourite building tool of ours, the design is so simple yet it opens the possibilities up and you can just build and build, relying on balance and problem solving!building planks

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