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Chillagoe Caves with kids FNQ

Caving with Kids - Chillagoe Caves Tropical North Queensland

Far North QLD has so much to offer families that love some adventure and exploring Nature!

Caving is an awesome experience to do with kids in FNQ, only a few hours out of Cairns!

We stayed 3 days at the Eco Lodge in Chillagoe and all had such a great time exploring the natural rock caves during the day. It was quite hot, even in Winter so I would suggest avoiding summer!

There are 6 caves to explore in Chillagoe, 3 are paid and ranger guided and 3 can be explored independently for free!

We all felt a bit like Indiana Jones while exploring the caves, darting through dark underground corridors, climbing over steep rocks and clambering down tunnels!

Our kids are 9, 6 and 2 and were all physically capable for these adventures, I carried our toddler some of the way after a full day of walking.


Bush Walking and finding the massive balancing rock was a highlight at Chillagoe Caves

Chillagoe is a small mining town out west from Cairns in Far North QLD, it is a dry area and there is very little out there, lots of farms and mines but not many cafes or shops.

  • We recommend bringing some fresh fruit and snacks as there are no supermarkets!
  • We ate at the Chillagoe pub for dinner each night and played Pool with the locals
  • We recommend staying a night or three to fully experience all that Chillagoe area has to offer.

    Explore the caves

    The cave tours take you through daylit passages and pitch DARK chambers, finding amazing calcite crystals, stalagmites and stalactites, underground fig trees, sleeping bats, naturally sculptured limestone in magnificent ‘chandelier’ formations and ancient marine fossils!


    • Many steep stairs, rocks to climb, long walks 
    • Low overhang rocks require visitors to walk crouched for several metres at a time.
    • You do require moderate fitness and a sense of adventure to enjoy this weekend trip

    There are six amazing caves to explore with the kids

      A stalactite is an upward-growing mound of mineral deposits that have precipitated from water dripping onto the floor of a cave.

      Caving in Chillagoe was a great experience for the whole family

        Self-guided cave tours

        Visitors must be well prepared and are responsible for their own safety.

        • The Archways (Grade : easy)
        • Pompeii Cave ( Grade : moderate )
        • Bauhinia Cave (Grade : difficult)   We didn't do this one as we thought it might be too challenging with our two year old. Bring multiple torches as its dark!!

        Ranger-guided tours

        • Donna Cave tour - ( We missed the Donna Cave however heard great reviews from other travellers. )
        • Trezkinn Cave tour
        • Royal Arch Cave tour

        Fees apply to ranger-guided cave tours.

        Tickets for the guided tours must be purchased in advance from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service staff based at The Hub in the Chillagoe township. 

        Phone (07) 4094 7111 for bookings

        Caving with kids in far north QLD

        Besides exploring Caves there is a beautiful creek to swim in, a nature walk to discover a MASSIVE balancing rock, finding ancient aboriginal artwork on rock faces and the mining Smelters to explore, learning about the history of mining in FNQ.

        The Smelters - 

        It was very interesting to read the information signs, learning the history of mining in FNQ and seeing the left over ruins of what was once a thriving mining town.

        If you keep walking up the hill from the mining smelters you discover this amazing view overlooking the region.

        Visit and learn about the history of the mining Smelters at Chillagoe

        If you continue walking up the hill at the Smelters you find this beautiful view overlooking Chillagoe!

        I hope our CAVING Adventures inspires you to get out and explore FNQ with your kids!

        - The Earth Toys Family

        Bree, Bree & our 3 Toyshop kids


        Here are some topical toys and activities to take with you on your adventure!

        Break-your-own Geode with the kids to keep as a memento while on your caving holiday!

        Quality Kids head torches are a great addition to any outdoor adventure These quality kids binoculars boast 10x magnification and are  perfect for outdoor adventure

        Gem Excavation kits are a great activity to take on adventure holidays with kidsTyrannosaurus Palaeontology Kits are fun for kids to take on adventure holidaysAuthentic Gems excavation kit are a cool keepsake gifts for kids on adventure holidays       Learn how to organize and catalogue your own collection of rocks and minerals beginning with the samples of pyrite and amethyst included in this kit.