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Top Five Best Scooters for Kids

Top Five Best Scooters for Kids

Earth Toys is a proud Micro Scooters outlet based in Cairns, Australia. We stock an extensive range of Micro's award-winning scooters, skates and accessories.

From toddler to adult, Micro have the perfect scooter for EVERYONE!


Okay, so with so many amazing scooters to choose from, things can get a little overwhelming.

So, to make your decision easier, here is Earth Toys'


Tried and tested!

1. Mini Micro Deluxe 3 Wheel Scooter - For ages 2 - 5 years

The new Mini Micro Deluxe is the reimagined version of the world renowned classic.

The Mini Micro Deluxe’s intuitive ‘lean and steer’ scooting style is easily understood by younger children and will greatly improve your child’s balance and co-ordination which are vital for the development of early motor skills.


2. Micro Sprite Kids Scooter -  For ages 5 - Adult

A colourful, lightweight all rounder!

The Micro® Sprite is the perfect, great value, allround kids scooter. Its sturdy, quality construction and range of colours make this kick scooter stand out from the crowd.


3. Micro Cruiser 2 Wheel Kids Scooter - For ages 5 - 10 years

Being the only Micro kid’s scooter with ‘adult’ size 200mm Polyurethane wheels, the Micro Cruiser provides a totally unique, smooth and easy ride. 

  • Wide retro shaped handle bars
  • Foldable
  • Handy kickstand

Step on, roll out. It’s all groovy!!


4. Micro mX Trixx Stunt Scooter - For ages 5 - 12 years

Micro Xtremes entry level stunt scooter, the mX Trixx boasts many features which you wouldn't expect to find on a scooter at this price.

This makes it the best stunt scooter for beginners available.


5. Micro Classic Adult Scooter - For ages 12 - Adult

The Micro Classic scooter is the fastest scooter in the premium adult scooter range with a sleek, sophisticated, minimalist design.

Whether commuting on your own or sharing some of the fun with your kids, you won't find a faster, smoother or safer ride.

If your wondering "Why Choose Micro?" then CLICK HERE!

Scooters available on Afterpay!!

So, what sets Micro ahead of the competitors? Here are some of our favourite features:

All parts are replaceable!!

To keep your scooter safe and working well, there is a massive range of spare parts available. This is what makes Micro such a good investment! It allows the smallest of parts to be replaced, meaning you get to keep your scooter on the road for longer! 

Super easy to take apart, Micro make servicing and repairing their scooters very user friendly.

Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty!

Micro Scooters are renowned for their quality and reliability and every scooter comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty!

Quality Materials

Wheels are made of premium polyurethane which is made to last and absorbs the bumps on the footpath and makes for a much smoother ride.

"The Original since 1999"

Fun Facts:

  • Micro scooters have won over 50 prestigious awards worldwide
  • All products are manufactured to the stringent European regulations for scooters, EN14619 and EN71-1
  • Sold in over 80 countries worldwide


Each member of the Earth Toys family has a Micro Scooter, suited to their specific needs and abilities.

Getting out and about exploring Cairns or just popping out to grab lunch, we love scooting around!

Earth Toys stocks a large range of Micro Scooter products, shop the full Collection on our website for Australia wide delivery. If in Cairns, come into our store and try out our range of kids scooters and accessories.