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Kapla Fun in store and at home!

Kapla Fun in store and at home!

KAPLA is one of our all time favourite building toys in our home! 

One plank to build anything, inspired by your creativity, once you start building it's hard to stop! This is our latest window Display at Earth Toys to replace Decembers KAPLA Christmas tree!

This morning at home we woke early and with sleepy eyes we set to building a Kapla village. Kapla is one of our family's favourite building toys, it's a wonderful tool for all ages and the older you are the more complex and creative the build gets.

Building toys encourage family time, creativity, problem solving and perseverance!

Perfect family fun for the holidays!

Earth Toys KAPLA

We stock a full range of Kapla Sets from small creative packs starting at just $20 to large 1000 pc crates for the entire family to explore.

Check out our full range of KAPLA building sets instore and online at Earth Toys