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Kapla Has Arrived!

Kapla Has Arrived!

We are so excited to add the KAPLA range to our toy store!

Kapla is a simple wooden building plank with unlimited creative possabilies.

At EarthToys we are big on construction play, there is so much fun and learning to be had while building, so we know this new addition is going to fit in perfectly!
Building and constructing encourages children to problem solve and understand structure, balance and weight ratios. It involves children using patience and perseverance to create what they have in their mind and put it into action with the tools they have.

5 BIG reasons to get your kids building

  • Encourages thinking and reasoning
  • Involves focus and patience
  • Helps develop problem solving skills
  • Builds confidence
  • Sparks the imagination


Create your imagination with KAPLA!

With planks of identical size, and perfect 1:3:5 proportions, KAPLA planks are simply placed on top of one another to build towers, castles, animals, and all sorts of extraordinary creatures …

  • Learn while playing, from age 3 upwards!
  • Young or 'grown up', alone or in groups, with family or friends, KAPLA adapts to all ages and talents.  KAPLA stimulates creativity, perseverance, ingenuity and STEM learning.
  • 100% UNTREATED FRENCH PINEWOOD Sourced from the sustainable Forêt des Landes in the south west of France


kapla building toy

The story of KAPLA ...

The story of KAPLA® begins with a Dutch antique dealer, Tom van der Bruggen, who dreamt of building his own castle.

During a trip to the south of France in the late 1960s, Tom fell in love with a ruined farm and decided to turn it into a castle. In order to visualize his project, he tried to make a scale model using wooden blocks. But these blocks did not allow him to build a precise and realistic model, so he created his own.

This is how the magic KAPLA plank came to life - the plank with which you can build everything! Tom called it KAPLA for 'KAbouter PLAnkje' which means ‘gnome plank’ in Dutch.