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NEW Vilac Toys

NEW Vilac Toys

We LOVE receiving new toys! 

Vilac is a BEAUTIFUL QUALITY wooden toy brand that we are super excited to have in our Cairns Toy store Earth Toys.

Established in 1911, Vilac is a French toy designed and manufacturer based in the scenic Jura Mountains. They design high quality wooden toys, combining traditional European style and quality with contemporary know-how. Each individual piece is crafted with care from sustainable timber, finished to perfection, with the slight individuality that can only be found with wooden toys.

Little ones love the captivating bright colours and texture, and get hours of amusement.

Vilac toys aren’t just fun for kids, they’re also educational; the alphabet cards, magnetic toys and building toys are perfect for developing their imagination, hand-eye coordination, and early critical thinking skills.

Click here to see our ever growing range of Vilac Toys instore and online at Earth Toys



Vilac Farm Truck

Vilac Garage

Vilac Mini Car