Miniland Dolls

Miniland Dolls

Our Miniland Dolls are such a classic and well loved children's toy for both girls and boys!

The toy doll has been a household favourite dating back since the 21st century AD, now today they come in many shapes, sizes and made from varied materials.

One of our store favourites is our Miniland baby dolls, they come in both boy and girl genders and 4 different skin tones! 

  • Available in 32 cm and 38 cm Dolls
  • Made from non toxic soft vinyl, this doll is extremely resistant and flexible.
  • Beautiful handmade clothing made locally available for our dolls <3

miniland latin doll

From the tiny age from 1 years old young children start to imitate their parents and everything in their world, they try and make sense of their world by imitating and acting out scenes from their day. I just love watching my 4 year old boy cradling his dolly in his arms, rocking him to sleep, singing, bopping, tucking dolly in bed with a blanket, role playing the routine of bedtime with love and care and compassion. 

Role play is a very important part of a child's early learning, it stimulates the child's imagination and encourages social development. Dolls have the ability to teach children so much about the world around them, social skills, diversity, acceptance, respect, cognitive and language skills and even about routines like potty, bathing and meal times!

Miniland Dolls and Baby Wearing

These pictures are of our then 2 year old boy role playing caring for his baby doll, just like mama does with the new baby! When i was pregnant with our second baby we gave our son a miniland boy doll, he made a friendship with this doll immediately and loved bathing baby, wearing baby in a carrier, changing the nappy and rocking his dolly to sleep. Too sweet!

baby miniland dolls

Miniland Asian Doll