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Tegu Magnetic Play

Tegu Magnetic Play

Wooden Building Blocks that Click, A serious favourite here at Earth toys! 

Tegu Blocks are built to foster curiosity. The mystery of magnets offers an experience that starts with marvel and joy. The very first "click-clack" of two blocks coming together sparks an instant magical discovery. Simple magnets and blocks become so much more, and Boundless Play is off and running.

Play with Tegu is a very sensory experience!

Tegu uses beautiful and sustainable hardwoods from Central America and natural stains that the wood grain shine through. Tegu has created its own independent production factory in Honduras, ethical and sustainable trade at its best!

Something we are big on here at Earth Toys is quality, sustainable and thoughtful toys that can be family heirloom pieces to be passed from generation to generation. Tegu Blocks is a perfect example of this, They're a modern twist on a beloved classic.


Kids are the best people on earth at discovering more from less.

So our blocks are made to expand a child's imagination. Where an adult sees a rectangular piece of wood, a child sees a train. Where a parent findsa magnet, a kid discovers a robot. Boundless Play means charting new territory. So while you won't find instructions in our packaging, you will find plenty of inspiration!