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STEM Learning and Magnetic Construction Toys

STEM Learning and Magnetic Construction Toys

Our new magnetic construction toys have arrived at Earth Toys Cairns!

We have spent the afternoon comparing magnetic building toys. Where science, maths and creatively meet.

I am a massive fan of construction play in general and adding magnets in to mix just makes it that much more cooler!

There is a lot of talk around STEM learning in early childhood educational and Primary schools at the moment and for good reason. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills and our range of magnetic building tiles foster all of these important educational skills through play!

Building and constructing encourages children to problem solve and understand structure, balance and weight ratios. It involves children using patience and perseverance to create what they have in their mind and put it into action with the tools they have.

We now stock magnetic tiles and rods in everything from small tester packs through to educational school sets!